Release Notes

Mar 14, 2020

Fixed a bug where some .heic photos were breaking the image processor, some emails were delayed as a result. Added another fix so if bugs happen again it won't break sending all emails.

Thanks @johnkuhn58 for finding this 🕷

Feb 28, 2020

Fixed a bug where the cursor pointer was not showing when you hover your mouse over a button. Thanks @joeyabanks for finding this 🕷

Added more color changes based off of the new profile color setting.

Feb 26, 2020

New look and feel to posts. Posts are not a little more stylish.

Adding color to the mix! Added the ability to set a color for your posts. You can now set a color on you account that will be used as a touch of color to your post each week.

Lastly, added this release notes page to keep people that are interested up to date with what we are working on.


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