Why did we build Friends Weekly?

We were finding it hard to stay in touch with friends and family. You know that feeling when you go to a party and see one of your good friends, but just don't keep in touch with them?  You end up trying to catch up on what you have both been doing in the past year, all in one night. We want better passive connection and staying in touch without all the addictiveness and public feeds of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Friends Weekly is for people you really care about hearing from.

How does Friends Weekly work?

You can subscribe to friends and family via their email address. Thursday morning, everyone gets an email prompting them to talk about their week, give an update on life, or let people know what their new favorite recipe is. Everyone has a few days to fill out or edit their reply. Every Saturday morning, you will get an email "newsletter" with the responses from everyone you subscribe to.

How is Friends Weekly different?

Friends Weekly is not like Facebook; it is a private network, with no public responses and no scrolling through endless feeds. Friends Weekly keeps things short, sweet, and optional. There is no pressure to respond each week, just a nice passive way to stay in touch and know what people are doing.

Who is building this?

Stuart 👋 @StuYam on Twitter. Working on building something that my family and friends can use together. Tweet @FriendsWeekly for feedback and support 👍.